Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops on the Peninsula and Central Coast – created for women over 55 to meet others and share their stories through theatre and art.

Sadly due to COVID restrictions all workshop numbers are limited. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as registering your interest as we will be sharing other workshops throughout the year.

How To Install & Use Zoom with Kris Bird

How To Install & Use Zoom with Kris Bird

Before the online sessions, you will be sent both simple written instructions together with a “how to” video, which will enable you to install Zoom on your computer, phone or tablet.

During the first workshop, you will learn how to participate in a Zoom session and core actions such as mute and unmute, use of video and the chat option

In the second workshop, Kris will teach you how to set up and invite others to a meeting and other helpful functions in Zoom.

Register your interest for the How To Photograph Your Art-Work(s) Workshop


How To Photograph Your Art-Work(s)

During this fun, relaxed workshop you will discover how to produce great photos of your art-work(s) created during Art-Full Women workshops this year.

Whether you use a mobile phone or digital camera, receive tips for taking the best possible picture using light, composition and creative display.

And if you don’t know how, you will also be given help in regards to uploading and sharing your photos online ready to be added to our E-xhibition.

You can still book a place and we will inform you of the new dates once lockdown has ended.


Story-Telling Workshops with Alyson Evans

A series of 4 stand-alone workshops in which you will explore the world of storytelling, focusing on your history and personal experiences to generate creative content. Each workshop will use different methods and types of prompts to get your creative juices flowing so you are welcome to attend more than just the one.

This workshop invites you to share stories, laughter and conversations about what it means to be an older women living on the Central Coast.

  • What are the challenges we face and the issues we want addressed?
  • What has our experience taught us?
  • What is our collective vision for our community?

Alyson has spent many years working and assisting community members to write their stories. She often encounters people who feel they don’t have a story to tell but, through her gentle writing prompts and exercises, participants soon realise the unique stories they have within them and, how absolutely everyone has a story to tell.