ART-FULL WOMEN will bring women from diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities, to not only discover and share their artistic talents with each other through a series of art & craft workshops but, also to share their stories with the wider community.

Under the guidance of experienced visual artists and theatre practitioners, together with support from mental health professionals, the project will culminate in a staged theatrical presentation and exhibition/ installation to be held during Women’s Health Week in September, 2021.

Inspired by Women’s Wisdom, an original collaborative project between Brenda Logan, Creative Producer with Darwin Community Arts and, Playback Practitioner Shel O’Toole. The highly successful production staged as part of International Women’s Day 2015 celebrations, played before a large multicultural audience of men and women The all female cast comprised of women over the age of 55, ranged from total novice never performed on stage before, to the past professional.

ART-FULL WOMEN brings together a group of 5 visual artists and 2 theatre practitioners, all with many years working and creating art in community. Artists who strongly believe making and creating art is a human right, that not only enables people to share experiences, thoughts, feelings and imaginations but also improves well-being, reduces social isolation and has the ability to transform lives.

ART-FULL WOMEN invites women over the age of 55yrs with performance experience who want the opportunity to showcase their talents; women who have stories they wish to share, issues they want to raise, who have never been on stage before and want to increase their confidence and find the courage to share their stories with the wider community; women who want to join in a conversation about healthy ageing and what that means; and women who want to discover and learn new artistic skills enabling them to create and make art.

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