How & When

Beginning January, 2021 and running until mid year, ART-FULL WOMEN will run a series of visual art workshops (104hrs in total) with 5 Artists specialising in different mediums – mixed media, ceramics, weaving, life-drawing and soft sculpture. We will come together to create, converse and connect in a safe environment.

At the beginning of each workshop we will use proven drama games and exercises as a way of getting to know more about each other, relax, have fun, develop teamwork and a sense of camaraderie. During the course of each workshop, women will be encouraged to share memories and stories inspired by the artworks being created. With participants’ permission we will record these either in writing, sound recordings and on video.

As the workshops progress and the participants are feeling more comfortable with each other, they will also be invited to join in conversations about subjects often only discussed in relation to younger people. As experienced in the Women’s Wisdom project, issues are likely to include sex, ageing, body image, mental health, domestic violence and homelessness. The women will also be encouraged to share their artistic talents with other participants, passing on skills such such as dance, drumming, photography, puppetry and film-making. For women who have never performed on stage before but wanting to present their stories “live” a series of confidence building and performance skills development workshops will be facilitated by experienced drama teachers. One-on-one sessions will be offered if required.

From June to August, stories and conversations collected will be used as material for developing monologues, short scenes, poems/spoken word, choreographed movement with the participants and creative team.

Some stories may be filmed or told in photographs using participant’s own skills. All creative content produced will then be formed and shaped into a performance/production by the Artistic Director.

Rehearsals will take place over 4-6 weeks culminating in ART-FULL WOMEN, a staged performance to be held in The Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy as part of Women’s Health Week September, 2021. Artwork created during workshops will be curated by the 5 Artists and installed/exhibited both in the foyer and on-stage.

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